Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Dating Pool

I have decided, at the ripe old age of 25, to enter the dating "pool", that is, as of now I am actively seeking a life partner. I guess you could say I'm "wading" for a mate. Aha aha. Of course I've seen a lot of people "drown", but I am certain it is better to be hurt in a relationship than to never have one at all. Hmmm... I'm not sure how far I can carry this pool metaphor. Anyways, I never quite been able to understand the process; there's a whole lot of things I can do better and I'm afraid anything I try is going to make me feel silly. Any friendly helpful suggestions?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's My Birthday

I made it to 25 without smoking, drinking, doing drugs, or having sex.
I guess this means I'm not normal.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Top Ten Best-Looking Cars of 2007

What is the ideal shape for a sports car? Almost since the automobile’s inception, automotive designers have experimented with a wide variety of shapes for sports cars; wedges, teardrops, blobs, cylinders, etc., resulting in a few iconic designs. Of course, volumes have been written on the topic, but in the end it just comes down to personal taste. Here are my choices for 2007.

10.Porsche Cayman S
Price: $49,400-$70,000
Horsepower: 245-295
Length: 170.9 in
Weight: est 2950
With me in it: est 3115
 The Cayman is basically a hardtop version of the veteran Boxster roadster. It carries the trademark Porsche shape: long, low, sleek and aerodynamic, just a bit like its alligator-cousin namesake. I prefer it to the slightly larger 911, though it's a pretty close race.

9.Ford Mustang Shelby

Price: est $41,950
Horsepower: 500
Length: 187.6 in
Weight: 3896
 American muscle doesn't get much better than this. The top-of-the-heap Mustang has a number of changes that add to its muscle-bound appearance, including a larger hood scoop, egg-crate grill, larger brakes, and some wicked fast racing stripes. Mine’s called Eleanor.

8.Pontiac Solstice GXP
Price: $25,995
Horsepower: 260
Length: 157.2 in
Weight: 2995
 The Solstice was based on the formula for a purist's sports car: light, small, and fast. The result is the most exciting new GM entry in a long time, a true Mazda MX-5 competitor. The turbocharged GXP 2-liter inline-4 develops an impressive 260 horsepower.
Also deserving of a nod in this category is the Solstice’s cousin, the Saturn Sky, a small, aggressive roadster with an ample dose of European styling.

7.Mercedes-Benz SL Class
Price: $95,575-$186-775
Horsepower: 382-604
Length: 178.5
Weight: 4220
 Mercedes' "small" roadster approaches my idea of the perfect-looking sports car, a precision machine that looks fun, but also looks very fast. It's a little out of my price range, but you have to admit, this car's got just about everything you could ask for in a sports car. The SL65 AMG is shown.

6.Aston Martin V8 Vantage
Price: $113,200
Horsepower: 380
Length: 172.5 in
Weight: 3460
 Here's a car that looks like if you don't get out of the way it will eat you for breakfast. Any Aston Martin is guaranteed to make you feel like James Bond, but the V8 Vantage is the coolest of them all.

5.Saleen S7 Twin Turbo
Price: $602,000
Horsepower: 750
Length: 188.0 in
Weight: 2950
 This car is so wild, you probably have to chain it up at night to keep it from roaming the neighborhood causing trouble. Just look at the claw-marks all over it. It's a beast. Check out those numbers.

4.Lamborghini Murcielago

Price: $300,000-$350,000
Horsepower: 640
Length: 180.3 in
Weight: 4020
 A favorite of lotto winners and rap stars, Lamborghinis are cars you can depend on to boldly announce your status. The chiseled edges of the Murcielago LP640 contrast sharply with the elegant curves preferred by Ferrari designer, Pinanfarina. It is an iconic design that no other automotive designers have implemented with such rousing success.

3.Chevrolet Corvette ZO6
Price: $65,000
Horsepower: 505
Length: 175.6 in
Weight: 3180
 An American icon, the Chevrolet Corvette has always aspired to be the ideal sports car, a world-class performer at a bargain price. Each successive generation looks and performs better than the one before. The ZO6 is the most powerful stock 'Vette to date, with 505 bhp on tap.

2.Infiniti G35 Coupe
Price: $33,500-$36,000
Horsepower: 280-298
Length: 182.2
Weight: 3415
 With the discontinuation of the Acura RSX this year, this is my pick for best looks/price ratio. It’s basically a dressed-to-impress version of the Nissan 350Z (a great looking car as well), with a back seat added. The G35 represents the absolute hottest style Japan has to offer today. Get it in red.

1.Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
Price: est $250,000
Horsepower: 611
Length: 183.7
Weight: est 3720
 Ferrari’s latest flagship model is a true masterpiece of design and engineering, a shoo-in for first place on this list. Subtle details make all the difference, from the F1-style nose in front, muscular body sculpting, and roofline buttresses in the rear. I could go on and on, but you can read it for yourself.

   Acura RSX Type-S

Price: est $31,000
Horsepower: 201
Length: 172.4
Weight: est 2860
 One last hurrah for the Acura RSX. This is the car that I really wanted. The Type-S A-Spec comes equipped with underbody kit, 17" wheels, high wing spoiler, and autocross-ready suspension. But instead I opted for the more practical base model, with SportShift automatic transmission.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"Crocodile Hunter" killed by stingray barb

Flamboyant daredevil zoologist Steve Irwin was killed early Monday while filming a documentary about stingrays off of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. He was swimming above one of the animals when its barb came up and pierced his heart. He was 44. Steve, the "Crocodile Hunter," was loved by millions around the world and was regarded as one of Australia's national treasures. He could get a state funeral if his family agrees.
In Pictures: Australia Mourns Irwin (BBC News)