Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Humans to reach 'physiological limits by 2060'

According to a French study published in the Daily Telegraph, humans are reaching their peak physical performance, and progressively fewer athletic records are likely to be broken.

I predict (and advocate) a future steroid class of athletic events, where performance-enhancing drugs are legalized, and the resulting records set will be truly super-human. I'd personally like to see just how far someone can throw the javelin, or how fast someone can run 100 meters. Of course, the baseball fields will have to be twice as long.

Lung cancer linked to lack of sunshine?

Scientists have discovered a link between the lung cancer rates in a given country and the distance that country is from the equator. Article

Except that I wonder to myself if there isn't more of a link between amount of time spent indoors and lung cancer. In other words, people farther from the equator spend more time indoors. And people who breathe more fresh air are less likely to get lung cancer. That makes more sense to me...