Sunday, September 28, 2008

US destroyer nears Somali pirates

According to an article in the BBC News, a US destroyer has made visual contact with a ship taken earlier last week by Somali pirates. The ship is laden with tanks bound for Kenya. A spokesterrorist for the pirates has declared that if attacked, they will defend themselves until the last one of them dies.

I'm thinking the Navy Seals might be the right people for this job.

Hurricane Hits Nova Scotia

Congratulations to the North Atlantic Canadian maritime province of Nova Scotia, which experienced a rare hurricane earlier today. Hurricane Kyle hit near Yarmouth, but no damage has been reported.

Pop quiz: read this article, and tell me how long Maine's first hurricane watch will last.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Worth Watching: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

I've yet to do my homework on this, but it's food for thought.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New 35W Bridge Opens to Traffic

The new 35W bridge opened to traffic at 5:00 am this morning, over 3 months ahead of schedule. (Video footage on CNN.) Local politicians applauded the effort and patted themselves on the back, as if it wasn't their fault the old one fell into the river last August. In true Minnesota fashion, the first traffic jam on the new span followed at 5:01.

The Truth About the Recession

Read this, before it's not true anymore.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Too Good Not to Post

Courtesy of dougsploitation and

People Will Be Late Today

Thousands of Verizon customers who use their cell phones as alarm clocks will be late for work today after a software update turned off their Samsung u430 phones in the middle of the night. The Samsung u340 is the latest free phone from Verizon, used by budget-conscious consumers everywhere.

Undoubtedly this will increase the volume of speeders and reckless drivers during the mid-morning commute as half-awake people rush to get to school and work, resulting in an abnormally high number of accidents and likely more than one fatality.

Hear that Verizon? FATALITIES!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Six Random Facts About Me

I have been tagged by My Mother.

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1. My name is James Austin Teal III. If you Google me, this blog is the second result, which is unfortunate.
2. I enjoy art, music and film, and I also enjoy making fun of art, music and film. So don't go see a bad movie with me because I will laugh in the wrong places.
3. I punctuate everything I write, and must spell everything correctly. I do this so well that people pay me to make sure they've done it correctly too. (Well, that's not all I do at work, but I am gaining notoriety as a copy-editor, even though is not in my official job description.)
4. The celebrity I most resemble is probably Hugh Grant, because I am generally affable but occasionally moody and sarcastic, witty, somewhat old-fashioned in many ways and a perennial befuddled bachelor. Also I like tennis.
5. I occasionally leave things unfinished for quite some time, like my website.