Friday, February 24, 2006

Cruisin' U.S.A.

With a Japanese sports car…

…and a Mexican Stratocaster.

I’m planning a road trip during the first two weeks of May, hoping to see some old friends and maybe make some new ones.

On the itinerary so far is the Sallmen family, at the good ol’ Bill Rice Ranch in Murfreesboro. Paul and Sharon are two of my oldest college friends. I met Sharon as a summer worker the second day I was at PCC. Paul was in my first college class ever. They are now married and have two kids. Paul is a staff designer at the Ranch.

After that, I will continue south all the way to Pensacola, where I will most likely be staying with Chris Garret, if he decides he has enough room. I started hanging out with Chris during the summer of 2001, when we were both summer workers and lived across the hall from each other. During our senior year, we hung out and went to Adrian and Sarah Brak’s a lot and ate uncooked apple pie (one time) and watched movies and never ever ever signed out to go off campus. He is to blame for introducing me to Strong Bad.

I guess I didn’t mention why I’m bringing the Stratocaster along. Well, I figure since I’ll be in Nashville anyways, maybe I'll find a place to use it?


ckhnat said...

you just can't stay away from there, can you?

hink said...

the real reason hes going is to see what the water park is like. right jim. did you mention you went to the mn. state fair? i cant say ive been. its bragged about so if youre there next august let me know. say "hello" to paul for me, sharon too i spose.

Jim the 3rd said...

It's not likely that I'll go to MN again this year, hink, but I will tell Paul & Sharon hello for you. Yeah, and the water park... I'm almost ashamed to call them my alma mater. I think Doc Horton is getting senile.