Saturday, November 24, 2007

Prove There Is A God

Atheist: Prove there is a God.

Believer: Prove there is a sun.

Atheist (sneers): What do you mean? Of course there is a sun. It sustains all life on this planet.

Believer: Where is the sun?

Atheist: It's in the sky.

Believer: So if I go outside right now and look up in the sky, I'll see the sun?

Atheist: Well, not right now. It's night. The sun's on the other side of the world.

Believer: So I have to wait until daytime?

Atheist: Yes.

Believer: Interesting. So if I go outside tomorrow and it's cloudy and raining, I'll see the sun.

Atheist: No, you have to wait until the sky clears up.

Believer: Sometimes that takes a long time. So when the sky clears, can I look anywhere in the sky and see the sun?

Atheist: No, you have to be looking at the sun in order to see it.

Believer: So I have turn and face the sun in order to see it?

Atheist: Well, even if you are looking away from the sun there are shadows that indicate a large brilliant light source.

Believer: What if I have my eyes closed?

Atheist: You have to have your eyes open to see the sun.

Believer: There sure are a lot of rules to follow to see the sun, which you claim is the sustainer of all life on Earth. You're telling me I have wait until it's daytime, and while there are no clouds to obscure the view, walk outside and look in the sky, facing the direction of the sun, with my eyes open.

Atheist: Yes. It might be hard for you to understand...

Believer: It seems the sun is a lot more elusive than God in my experience.

Atheist: What do you mean?

Believer: If I go outside right now, and keeping my eyes open, say to the sun, "Show yourself to me!", will it turn the night into day, part the clouds and stop the rain, and turn me in the right direction to face it?

Atheist: No.

Believer: God will.


Heather said...

Very cool. Hope you are doing well, Jimmy. Do you like your new home?

James Austin said...

Yeah, I suppose. Although since I've been out here, I really haven't accomplished anything I couldn't have done in New York, besides get re-acquainted with my best friend.

Allen said...

thats really cool. Did you write that?

Rachel said...

I like that!

Heather said...

I think working on friendships is a good thing to accomplish.

Martha said...

God has a purpose for you being in Minnesota, even if you aren't quite sure what that purpose is.Maybe He just isn't finished yet. Weren't you supposed to help somebody move back here in a year or two?

worminator said...


Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.