Sunday, January 06, 2008

Quiz: Famous or Unknown Artist?

Try this quiz to test your expert art-critiquing eye. Which paintings are by famous artists, and which are not?

Sorry, you won't be able to beat my score of 100% -- the same score I got on my Art History final in college. :-)

Courtesy of Coudal Partners blended feed.


Rachel said...

I only got a 67%...what do I know?

Martha said...

My score was 58%. Guess I was looking more for style than recognition of a famous style. I never studied art. Adolf Hitler? Who'da thunk?

Bethany said...

I got a 67% too. I didn't know that Hitler, Churchill, or Eisenhower could paint. Neato!

Ben said...

Cool. I got an 83%. Missed Cezanne and Matisse... oh well.