Friday, February 22, 2008

Stuff White Democrats Like

Actually the title of the blog is "Stuff White People Like", but it's really talking about white Democrats. A few of these apply to me though.


Paul Sallmen said...

I like 'expensive sandwiches' and 'bicycles!' You?

James Austin said...

Lessee -- from the top:

#69, Mos Def
#67, Standing still at concerts
#64, Recycling
#63, The occasional expensive sandwich
#61, Bicycles (I like mountain bikes because they are more durable than road bikes, not necessarily because of the nature aspect)
#55, Apologies
#53, Dogs
#44, Public radio, sometimes
#41, Some Indie music
#36, Breakfast places but I'm sorry, this phenomenon is not limited to white people (Waffle House anyone?)
#11, Asian girls (what?)
#5, Farmers Markets
#1, Coffee

James Austin said...

This website might help me target the white consumer in any advertisements I might create. I know it should come naturally, but after watching an iPhone ad last night that included indie music, a ski slope, ethnic food, and of course an Apple product, I realized the ad was targeted for white people as described on this website. Weird.